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Competition (Antitrust)


Ethiopian law proscribes various practices that it deems anticompetitive. It also aims at the protection of consumers. That means your business could be subject to investigation by the Trade Competition and Consumers Protection Authority or even be sued before the adjudicative bench of the Authority. Some transactions you may be contemplating may also require securing approvals. Support from our experienced team comes in handy in such situations. We assist clients with a wide range of issues they may be facing. Among other things, we help our clients navigate the merger control and assessment process and secure them approvals. We assist them if they are subject to investigation by the Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority and defend them against allegation of anti-competitive behavior before its judicial bench, and if need be, the Appellate Tribunal and ordinary courts.

Overall, we provide support in minimizing liability and protecting your business from unfair practices by your competitors.


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Whatever they do business firms take taxation as a serious consideration. This is more so in Ethiopia as the taxation system could prove a minefield

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